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Terrie Heid-Brazier is now giving group & private lessons, & taking horses in training for show or recreation, at Fairmont Stables in Golden 

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Heid-Brazier Western Performance Horses is so proud of the outstanding performance that trainee Remeny (4-1/2 year old Paint/TB mare) put in at the Equine Comeback Challenge held March 10-13 at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo!  Remeny performed calmly, quietly and so competently in every one of her classes, including Ranch Riding, Cow Work, Trail, and Freestyle Reining, making the top 10 and finishing 7th out 22 horses competing, half of whom were registered Quarter Horses, while Remeny was the only horse to be ridden one-handed and be trained to neck rein, further showing her great level of training.  All horses in the Challenge were rescue horses who had not been ridden at the start of the Challenge, and all trainers were given 100 days in which to train these horses from zero to show level.  Remeny was so well behaved and made such an impression on spectators that there was enormous interest in giving her the forever home that she deserved, thus making Remeny the high-selling horse in the Comeback Challenge sale!  Many congratulations to the Moore family of Westcliffe on their purchase of Remeny; daughter Brooklyn and Remeny already have a love affair going to we are sure will last a lifetime!                          (Photo by Kathryn Ory)

Heid-Brazier Western Performance Horses is operated by American trainer Terrie Heid-Brazier from Colorado.  Terrie is a World Champion and European Champion who has been in the business of training and showing Western performance horses for more than 40 years.  She owns and has exclusively trained the top All-Around Quarter Horse in Britain and Europe, Docs Summer Sky, who has been the National Champion in 7 different AQHA events (Halter, Trail, Western Pleasure, Reining, Western Riding, Hunter Under Saddle, and Hunter Hack and the first in Europe to earn an AQHA Open All-Around Superior award. Terrie has also trained many other horses to National Champion or Reserve Champion titles in Britain, winning at least one of those titles every year since founding her U.K. business in Worcestershire in 1999.   

Terrie was the only Western coach/instructor in the U.K. certified by a Western coaching programme (the Canadian Equestrian Federation’s Western division) recognised by the FEI (the International Equestrian Federation) until the creation of the UKCC in 2008, by which she is also certified.  She has been certified as well as an instructor for the Associazione Italiana Equitazione Western, the BHS (having undergone the requisite CRB check and courses in first aid and child protection), and has been approved by the International Association for Equestrian Qualifications and the Western Equestrian Society (WES).  Her students have themselves won National Championships, while in Italy she was the very first of more than 20 CEF-certified instructors to bring her students to the highest horsemanship level exam in the CEF programme, which all five of them passed, with two of those students shortly afterward going on to become CEF-recognised Western coaches themselves.  

Terrie is well known for her ability to produce happy, quiet, playful young horses who can be both affectionate companion horses that do tricks, as well as champion performers in the show ring in a wide variety of events.  Terrie has started over 500 young horses of all breeds and characters throughout her career in the U.S., Italy and Britain and has received glowing testimonials from her clients whose horses are able to perform so much after so little training while still being totally relaxed and happy.