Heid-Brazier Western Performance Horses

Training your horse in a relaxed and happy way

Training The Horse and Rider

Although a good deal of our training is directed toward Western show events (as well as safe and responsive leisure riding), and we have successfully trained all breeds of horses for Western riding from Arabians to Warmbloods, we specialise in “All-Around” training, which entails training a horse to perform events under both Western and English tack.  We therefore have expertise in training horses to international competition level for Halter/Showmanship, Trail, Western Pleasure, Western Riding, Reining, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunter Hack, Working Hunter, and Jumping. 

Heid-Brazier believes in making top-quality Western training available to everyone; having a responsive, happy, extremely well trained horse should not be the province of only those who are financially well off.  Therefore, our training fees are much lower than many other trainers who have not even come close to matching, much less exceeding, Terrie Heid-Brazier's experience, show record, and achievements.

Your horse will always be ridden and trained by Terrie Heid-Brazier herself and not by any assistant or other person. Owners are given lessons on their horses before the end of training so that they know how to correctly handle, cue and perform manoeuvres with their horses; these lessons are included in the training fee. 

Freelance lessons and clinics (on Trail, general Western riding, fundamentals of Reining, show preparation, improving performance through fun, etc.) are also conducted; call 940-612-9304 for information


2011 & 2012 Triple Crown Champion

Daisy Cutter Lena