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Client Testimonials


Debbie Burns – Owner of Daisy Cutter Lena (“Tia”)

When I purchased Tia, I thought she had some nice paces and had real potential for being a good show-ring prospect. Like any owner, you feel that you want to send your ‘child’ to the best school possible, and having seen Terrie on the show scene for quite a few years, I knew from the moment I bought Tia who I would be sending her to.  I liked doing English classes as well as Western, and since Terrie had shown all over the world and been very successful with her own elegant horses in All-Around events, I really wanted her to train Tia so that Tia could have a go at everything as long as she enjoyed it. I had never had a horse started by Terrie, and I asked if she thought Tia would be any good and if she would consider showing Tia in her first year under saddle, although handing a top trainer a Cutting horse and asking them to go in Hunter classes was a big ask! We visited often and were amazed at the progress Tia was making; Terrie was very confident that she would do well in All-Around events. To me, Terrie’s opinion was always more important than a judge’s, and she is always the sort of trainer to tell you the truth. Terrie always made the training interesting for Tia and Tia was happy learning; I felt so proud watching her thrive in the environment Terrie had her in, and she was relaxed with never any sign of stress like I have had with other horses that have been sent off for training. When it came to the shows, I wasn’t too sure what to expect as Tia was so young; being born in late July, it put her a good five to six months behind a lot of horses, so at her first spring show she was really going to be only a two-year-old, going up against a lot of four and five-year-olds. But I was blown away by her way of going; Terrie rode her beautifully in every class and we went home with an AQHA Open All-Around championship under our belt. If someone had asked me what I would want as the highlight of my horse’s full show career, it would be that, but I didn’t quite expect to have it after the first show! Terrie and Tia are an incredible team, and the communication between horse and rider really is something else. Terrie doesn’t just ride all the horses in the same way or give them the same training; she seems to get into their heads and find out the best way for each individual horse, really putting her heart and soul into teaching them. The rest of the season was just as jaw-dropping as the first show, and the highlight was the AQHA-UK Championship Show where Tia won every one of her AQHA junior horse classes under one of the two judges, won the Futurity Triple Crown Championship, and won several medals. She spent more time on the red carpet than an A-list star! Terrie really turned her into a superstar; I am so pleased I made the right choice of where to send Tia, and I am so indebted to Terrie for training and showing her.


Debbie Burns – Owner of Chief Bar Tender (“Bailey”)

Terrie has had Bailey in training for a couple of sessions and has given me lessons on him for the show ring. His first training with her was for Western classes and the second session was going to be for Hunter classes, which Bailey seemed to really enjoy. Terrie had him going so softly and stretching out so well when ridden that it really made you feel like a million dollars when you were riding him. Her training really does stick in their minds and he doesn’t need too much reminding of the manoeuvres when I am riding him. She taught him a lot of patience, and he always seemed so much more relaxed when he had been in training with her. I really enjoyed riding him at the shows in Hunter and we even managed a first place in an AQHA Green Hunter Under Saddle class.


Clare Gates – Owner of Bueno Pep O Lena (“Buffy”)

I bought Buffy when she was just ten days old from Evans Quarter Horses in Brecon, South Wales.  It was love at first sight and it still is.  Having been started quietly as a three-year-old, she then spent time getting the basics down with another Western trainer and then it was time to hit the show pen.  As a Junior horse she was doing well in Hunter under Saddle and Western Pleasure walk/jog classes especially.  Jog has always been a particularly strong and natural gait for her.  However, in order to do well in Western pleasure, the lope has to be balanced and slow, and it was here that Buffy needed more help.  Having seen and admired Terrie competing at the AQHA shows and getting to know how passionate, hard-working, thorough and professional she is, it was a simple decision to ask her to work with Buffy.  Consequently, Buffy has spent what I consider to be quality training time which represents true value for money.  Of equal importance to me as an owner is to ensure that the best possible training environment has been created for the horse, and that is certainly the case when you have a horse in training with Terrie.  She loves the horses like they are her own and they respond to her accordingly.  With Terrie's patience, professionalism and guidance, Buffy has become much more confident and responsive generally, with a marked improvement in all aspects of her performance but especially in the lope.  Buffy had always been a fidgety, 'always in a bit of a hurry' type of horse, but under Terrie's instruction she has subsequently proved herself to be an accomplished Trail horse, which is something I never thought she would be.  This is important to me as she is, first and foremost, a member of the family and a horse to ride around the farm and generally have fun on.  She has even competed in a Western Pleasure Small Fry class (ridden by a six-year-old girl), which is something she would have been unlikely to have done prior to spending time with Terrie.  She is my horse of a lifetime and I thank Terrie from the bottom of my heart for getting her to the point she's at now.


Debbie Burns – Coached by Terrie in AQHA/WES Competition

It has been a wonderful experience to see Terrie train horses and ride in the show ring, but she has also taught me so much with lessons on “Buffy” (Bueno Pep O Lena), a friend’s horse that I am lucky enough to compete. Terrie is one of those trainers who really gives you confidence even when you are warming up right before going into the class and feel “rigor mortis” kicking in from fear! I have ridden many classes now with Terrie’s voice in my head, and she had got me through Trail, Horsemanship and Hunt Seat Equitation patterns, as well as Hunter Under Saddle and Western Pleasure classes. She knows the show ring inside and out and knows what to look for through a judge’s eyes.  I was so delighted to win a Trail championship last year at the West Coast Circuit show after Terrie did the Open class and won, and then I did the Amateur class and won! I am sure the horse was pre-programmed, as when I got on her after Terrie had ridden her, she did everything I asked, despite it being the hardest pattern I have ridden in Trail. We have won so many ribbons since having training with Terrie and were even awarded a silver medal at the Garden of England show in the high-point English-ridden awards.

2011 & 2012 Triple Crown Champion

Daisy Cutter Lena